Consulting Services

RED Consulting Group delivers customised best practise and a pragmatic approach to talent management solutions to maximise organisational efficiency and effectiveness. We work with our clients in providing innovative and integrated solutions by aligning to their Human Resource Management Initiatives and their strategic goals and mission.

We at RED Consulting Group recognise that each client is unique. In developing solutions, we cogitate to client’s industry, business model, culture, life-cycle, locale and strategic business objectives.

RED Consulting Group is committed to working in partnership with our clients by transferring knowledge to create sustainable in-house capabilities. We have provided our expertise and consultative experience to many organisations including those in Financial Services, IT,  Education Institutions, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Energy, Defence & Security, Airlines, Utilities, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Communications Media and Government agencies.

With having served clients globally our consultants have wide-ranging international experience; and combined with expertise we ensure our clients receive first-class consulting delivery and world-class human resource solutions.

Our Consulting Practices

Human Performance Improvement

Empowers your employees to realize their full potential within the working environment, so they can achieve real business results

Training Planning and Support

Provides you with advice on organisational training requirements such as developing leadership skills or personal career development support and addresses training needs related to attrition, new hires, succession planning and improvement initiatives.

User Services and Products

Brings consulting, customized training, documentation, and the latest computer-based tools to your employees, so you can improve daily operations, streamline training time, and increase user productivity.

Change Management

Focuses on helping you introduce the change process; ensure organisational alignment, coordinate and integrate key leadership strategies, understand organisational, technological, and cultural issues, so you can achieve corporate goals and objectives.

RED Consulting Group provides clients with timely and tangible market insights to mitigate market challenges, provide reliable market data and strategic best practices to ensure our clients are well-informed regarding important decisions in the education industry.

RED Consulting Group consists of individuals of the highest calibre, talent and experience in educational research, strategy, planning, and technical implementation services.

Globally present, RED Consulting Group delivers education innovation by bringing refreshing clarity and a pragmatic approach to academic and corporate enterprises through education, technology, and business consulting.

The company provides a wide array of services to clients around the globe offering insightful and diversified expertise to the education industry. We also work with reputable universities and colleges and assist them in finding the right business partners by affiliating with them and supporting their product line/programs development.

Our Consulting Practices

Assessment of Education Scope

Provides your senior management with a clear understanding on core elements that are required to successfully implement a talent management or development plan.

Education Needs Analysis

Examines your company’s objectives, user communities, and current implementation or implementation plan and develops recommendations for helping you achieve your goals.

Strategy and Operations ( Education )

Brings deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to your most complex business problems. These are joined with capabilities in finance, performance management, business restructuring and business process outsourcing for your education business

Recruitment and Placement

To unleash the potential of people, organisations are turning to RED Consulting Solutions, a reputable name in outcome-based, talent-driven solutions. Our ability to capitalise on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities has made us one of the most recognised and respected workforce solution providers in the region. Our expertise, experience and regional footprint allow us to deliver solutions to help our clients achieve better business results.


Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing attracts talent through our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which include sourcing and selection to onboarding.

Managed Services Providers

Our quality program management, efficient processes, breadth of service offerings and reach make us the most respected hybrid and vendor neutral MSP in the region.

Talent Based Outsourcing

Our Talent Based Outsourcing of operations functions and services to drive organisational productivity ranges from contact centres, manufacturing, IT helpdesk and any other place in between.

Strategic Workforce Consulting

Our Strategic Workforce Consulting is an industry-leading framework and collaborative planning process that creates a workforce strategy aligned to your business goals.

Language Services

Our Language Services brings more than a decade of experience and expertise to the design and delivery of language-driven communication solutions.

Investment Research Services

RED is a preferred research partner for a diverse group of clients throughout the world — private equity firms, investment banks, asset management firms, pension funds, hedge fund managers and independent research firms or individuals. Our investment research service goal is to collect, accumulate and interpret whatever data will best support the investment decision-making process of investors and businesses. In a macroeconomic climate that carries an increasing risk of default by over-leveraged companies, we can help you identify potential lending risks to avoid — for example, even in a low interest rate environment, fixed income instruments continue to be a regular component in many portfolios. Before you pursue potential target companies for either friendly or hostile takeovers, our investment research team will analyse strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We can assist sell-side parties to achieve target profit levels in turbulent market conditions and help buy-side firms find appropriate investment opportunities. RED can provide cost-effective and timely analysis of changing global trends and regulatory environments that increasingly shape a complex and fast-moving investment world. Here is an overview of our investment research services.

  • Generating Investment Ideas

RED can screen markets, evaluate companies, compare multiple opportunities and analyze trends to give you a constant flow of new investment ideas.

  • Performing Due Diligence

In response to the increasing need to pay proper attention to due diligence on a daily basis, we can shorten the process while providing SWOT analysis, analyzing annual reports, evaluating management and conducting interviews.

  • Constructing Financial Models

The RED team can bring advanced financial modeling skills to bear on the most complex investment decision.

  • Analyzing Market Data

In a “Big Data” world, we know how to analyze market trends, perform inductive market analysis and assemble macroeconomic forecasts needed for an effective M&A analysis.

  • Assessing Global Trends

RED operates globally and is ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive perspective that encompasses political risks, interest rates, government debt and FX risks in both developed and emerging economies.

  • Evaluating Legal Aspects

We can provide legal insights regarding current and pending legislation, legal security and regulatory environments.

  • Calculating Lending Risks

RED can help our clients avoid default risks by assessing business sustainability, cost structures, creditworthiness, financial ratios and performance outlook.

  • Producing Equity Research

We identify equity investments that provide the best possible diversification while improving the risk-return profile for the overall portfolio.

  • Executing Fixed Income and Credit Research

RED uses techniques such as credit modeling, capital structure analysis and maturity scheduling to provide a comprehensive approach to screening both loans and bond markets.

  • Providing Commodities Research

In a volatile commodities environment, we use trend analysis, asset allocation strategies and in-depth evaluation of all commodities to ensure that our clients are fully informed about both opportunities and risks involving commodities.

  • Carrying out Sector Analysis

When our clients need in-depth analysis of specific sectors such as energy and construction, RED can provide whatever is required with a quick turnaround.

  • Supplying Private Equity Research Services

In an investment world that requires equal attention to both public and private market opportunities, we can provide pre-deal evaluations that include commercial due diligence and post-deal comparable transaction analysis.

  • Writing and Editing

RED can help our clients make the best possible first impression and achieve professional quality in white papers, presentations, industry reports, marketing materials and copyrighting.

  • Determining ESOP Valuation

We can assist with Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) valuation, identify tax benefits and assess both regulatory and legal environments for these and similar transactions.