Strategic Partnerships

We are proud to say that we partner with reputable institutions across the globe to host and develop academic, leadership and skilled programs. We partner with Universities and Colleges mainly from Malaysia, Australia, UK & Europe and the Americas. Our partnering Universities offers programs ranging from Certificate Level, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Master Degree, Doctorate Degree and PhD.

Strategic Partnership

Affiliate Members

Academic Governance

In accordance to the Board of Director’s decision to establish a unit of control that is responsible to ensure quality assurance is met in all its deliveries within RED Consulting Group, an Academic Board is formed with general powers; which state:

The Academic Board is the principal academic authority within the Board of Directors of RED Consulting Group Inc. It has the responsibility to maintain the highest standards are met in research, module/course designs and teaching.

The Academic Board conducts its meetings in an environment of mutual respect and is the embodiment of collegiality within RED Consulting Group Inc. It is charged with supporting a culture based on the highest academic quality and contributing to the upholding of the academic freedom of staff members.